Is America as We Know it Already Dead? 2

It is becoming more and more evident to me that what we are going through now is the beginning of the end of the old United States… we can never truly recover from this… I’m not saying there will definitely be war – I’m just saying that America as we know it, is dead.

Just look at the election, we won, that’s clear. We didn’t have Hollywood stars or show business personalities. We didn’t have the Silicon Valley Billionaires or Wall Street Tycoons. We didn’t have the Media helping us. We didn’t even have support from our own party.

The Democrats had more money, more exposure, more platforms to get their message out as well as altering our message to feed into their bias narrative. On top of all that, the left tried to silence us. Social media platforms deleted and censored our sites and posts, groups like BLM and ANTIFA attacked our people at rallies and in the streets and shut down our events and silenced several of our speakers. The left rigged debates, registered dead voters, registered illegal aliens, gave felons the right to vote and had a sitting president out campaigning for their candidate.


We were attacked daily with nonsense – called racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, etc. – had family and friends break off relationships with us. We lost jobs, got singled out by teachers and professors at schools, had people attack us verbally and physically, spit in our food, damage our property, and yet we persevered. We never wavered despite constant and unrelenting attacks and we won.

We WON! We overcame incredible odds and were victorious. We didn’t rig anything, we didn’t cheat, we didn’t slander or name call or attack our enemies, we didn’t register dead people or hack our opponents, we didn’t make up stories or lie.We came together as Patriotic Americans and exercised our right to vote. We won fair and square. We elected the President that WE wanted and we did it in a legal, lawful and most importantly, honorable way, but none of that matters, at least not to the left and the establishment. They don’t like our choice, they don’t like Trump and they don’t like us. They don’t recognize our votes! As far as they’re concerned, we made a bad choice and they are now refusing to honor it.

That’s what America has become; a nation where only the opinions of a handful of people matter, where Hollywood and Silicon Valley and Wall Street are the only votes that count. We endured and overcame all their BS for over a year and won – and now they are trying to take that away from us. They are disrespecting every person who supported and voted for Trump, every Patriot, every REAL American. They don’t think we have the right to choose a president. They don’t respect the laws, the rules, our votes and our rights.

It is this fact more than any other that tells me the old America is dead. Elections are what make a people free; the ability to choose who leads us, who sets our policies, who runs our country and the reaction from the left and the establishment has shown me that in their eyes, WE do NOT have the right to choose our leaders anymore.

What I’ve learned is that half of our country hates people like us, doesn’t respect people like us and doesn’t feel that people like us have the right to choose our President. The attacks against President Trump are attacks against us and all we believe in and whether you want to believe this or not Trumps fate is now our fate, forever intertwined – because if they retake power they are going to make sure nothing like this ever happens again, and as long as ALL of the people that made it happen are still here, they cannot feel safe.

I have no idea how all this ends. Is this the beginning of the second Civil War? Is it the beginning of World War III? Is this the beginning of the end of times? Or will it all just blow over and all of our fears end up amounting to nothing? I don’t know. I do know that the deeper I get into this rabbit hole the more I’m shocked at how bad things have gotten, and how evil the people running this world really are. There is so much more going on than most of us have ever realized and the people at the very top; the ones pulling all the strings, will do anything to keep things the way they are.

About Michael McVeigh

I was born and raised in a small town in Southern New Jersey. Shortly after graduating high school I relocated to Philadelphia where I spent a large part of my late teens and early twenties. Living in the big city opened my eyes and my mind to the realities of life and introduced me to the real world. During the next twenty years I traveled extensively, living in places like Belgrade, Serbia - Sofia, Bulgaria - NYC and now Washington DC where I currently live with my wife and two teenage kids. It is this broad range of cultures and experiences that have given me the wisdom and insights that I currently have today. Previously I would have considered myself to be a non-political person, favoring neither party and not really getting involved in politics at any level. This all changed towards the end of Obamas second term as I saw him impliment one destructive policy after another. Then when Trump announced his candidacy, and I watched and listened to what he was saying, my eyes suddenly opened and I was determined to be fully involved. Now as a writer/political columnist and Patriot I am all in - fighting with every skill and resource I have for the country that has been so good to me - hoping to pass on the America I know to all my future generations.

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2 thoughts on “Is America as We Know it Already Dead?

  • Michael Duane Small

    Of youth and ignorance there is much to be said. Growing up, even with world knowledge does not give us the foundation of why things are wrong, but open our eyes tot he the fact, things are wrong.

    Thank you for your opinion and you do show world knowledge and the common sense to know there is a storm brewing. Keep a good head on your shoulders, your powder dry and by all means help find those who are qualified to serve in elected positions. I am sure you understand the necessity of each state demanding Term Limits and the prosecution of elected representatives who do not keep their oath to our Constitution.

    Thanks again. Much work to do.

    If you follow my writings you will understand the unwritten history of this nation of nations. We have been at war since before the revolution.

  • Gale Gramme

    I am still very new to this. I have said recently and often that the Scales have suddenly fallen from my eyes. I agree. I don’t know where all this is going. But I fear that I do. As long as we are living, I believe that we have to do what we can to “do the right thing”. You know…the real patriotic, all American thing. That thing that seems to taste like pure evil to liberals. My children only got part of it but my grandchildren, I feel would need a full explanation of what I’m talking about. As a child in school we saluted the flag, prayed for our Country and our President and sold girl scout cookies before that organization became a left leaning political organization. My grandchildren can’t miss what they have never known and the world as I knew it has been turned upside down. During our presidential election one of my youngest grandchildren asked me if I was a racist. My foot almost went through my floor board as I hit the brake! It seems she was being taught that she is being taught in school that Anyone who supported Trump is a racist! Over time I have become self educated as to what is happening within our government. What I have learned, as have many of you, is sickening and I no longer see the world without feeling a deep sense of unease.
    That doesn’t mean we give up. We are here for a reason and that reason will be further revealed as life unfolds. My prayer is that we stay strong and support one another.