Horror Strikes in London at Least 7 Dead 50 Injured in Terrorist Attack 4

Horror erupted in London, England last night at around 10 PM local time when terrorists rammed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge.

After the initial attack three men jumped out of the van carrying large knives and attacked people at local bars and restaurants in nearby Borough Market.

Three men, wearing fake bomb vests, were killed by police.

At least twelve people were arrested in connections with the attacks. Searches of a number of addresses in Barking are continuing.

Witnesses and those injured are said to have given horrific descriptions of men madly stabbing anyone in sight as others tried to throw chairs at them and then got stabbed, as well.

One workers at a restaurant said he hid in a garbage can during the mad stabbing.

Some witnesses, although unconfirmed, said they heard the attackers say, “This is for Allah.”

Death for a religious belief? No, this is a cult of evil. Europe has opened its borders to let evil in. Evil multiplies quickly.

As dawn broke over the capital, a large area on the south bank of the River Thames was still blocked off. Police gave instructions to people to avoid the area, leaving tourists and those left struggling to get home.

Hopefully the injured will survive and the death toll will not go up. That is usually not the case. Europe is in chaos with so many Muslim terrorist living in European countries.

Let this be a lesson for America. President Trump has our interests at heart. May the Supreme Court rule for his travel ban.


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4 thoughts on “Horror Strikes in London at Least 7 Dead 50 Injured in Terrorist Attack

  • Peter Theodoropoulos

    That’s the difference between having a 2nd Amendment and not. I dought so many people would have been hurt if there were several concealed carry permit holders in the crowd. Are the police even allowed to carry guns yet. From the amount of people dead or injured it don’t seem so.