VIDEO: The Comey Smoking Gun Blows Away The New York Times

The Democrats are sure out to get President Trump. They will stop at nothing, including lying.

The mainstream media or ‘Fake News’ is a big part of that. ‘The New York Times’ has put out lies. They put out a story about Trump without any creditable information and I am going to DEBUNK it.

Of course there are many ways to DEBUNK the lies. There are videos and testimony given under oath that do prove the truth.

Before being fired from the FBI, James Comey was under oath and made statements. Thankfully there are videos of things he said.

I’m pleased to say that I am in constant contact with an amazing group of pro-Trump people who I work with as a team . They do pass on important information to me.

I will now pass it on to you. Watch this video.



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