Breaking News: One Dead as Car Jumped off Road and Hit Multiple Pedestrians in New York City

A Maroon colored car jumped off street onto sidewalk plowing into multiple pedestrians in Times Square in New York City.

Car was apparently exceeding the speed limit. The car is said to be a Honda.

One person is confirmed dead and twenty-two people have been hurt and being treated reported to be in hospitals.

One man, possibly the driver of the car, has been taken into custody by police, sources are saying. The driver has been said to have been intoxicated. He was apparently arrested for several DUI incidents. I personally can’t understand why this man was allowed to be driving a car or not in jail. Then, of course New York does have a ‘Sanctuary City’ policy.

Richard Rojas, age 26, has been named as the man arrested.

The police may have been chasing the man but police do not have car chases in the highly pedestrian populated Times Square.

The car is on its side at this time after heading north on a south bound rout at 45th Street and Broadway.

Buildings are in lock down in the area. The area is blocked off for many blocks. No one is saying if this is an accident or intentional.

Something found that could be potentially dangerous in the trunk of the car.

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