President Trump is Removing these Groups from Welfare 8

President Trump has put forth a proposal to remove felons and lottery winners from welfare. I guess if you’re like me you would be thinking wow well I figured someone who won the lottery would not need welfare.  I was under the impression or it was my believe that felons weren’t allowed to get welfare anywhere anyways or people with drug charges . I would even go as far to say that we should not only remove these groups but also mandatory drug testing as well as community service for long-term welfare recipients.

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There are lots of community service needs all around our country. From cleaning the sides of roads to helping with elderly folks and lots and lots of other things that really need to be taken care of but nobody seems to be doing .  I am not 100% against welfare it is needed as a stopgap “a safety net ” for folks who have hit a rough patch. I have had them in my life before and I understand the need for this program. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “President Trump is Removing these Groups from Welfare

  • Gregg Sykes

    Some people make mistakes early in life and have gone on to to lead a law abiding life. Those people shouldn’t be exempt to help. Some on the other hand use welfare to pay bills and then deal drugs to pay for their high end cars and homes.

  • Dana Riddle

    Yes I think that anyone on welfare should be required to do in home care for the elderly a long as they do not have a part of stealing. Drug testing should be done and should be deducted from the first monetary help that is given to the recipient.
    Felons, drug dealers or users should not be allowed on welfare nite should ex cons.
    When I needed some help from the government I didn’t get it and why? Because I was a responsible person who kept a decent vehicle to get back and forth to work so I was denied or given the choice to get rid of my decent vehicle to get a piece of crap that would need repairs every month. So this system needs to be fixed so those who are struggling get the help they need and those that suck the system dry do not get help. That’s just my opinion.

  • Donald Whitwam

    I am a felon 12 years ago I am unemployed due to a work place injury and occupational disease. I was on the food program for a period of time. My worker comp finally began about a year ago and my $1325 each month is $30 more then I am allowed to earn for assistance. There should be a time frame like in the past maximum 5 years for complete assistance. Food assistance should be as needed. All assistance should be required to go through job search workshops and find employment after the first year and no activity on employment no assistance. Let’s get drug addicts into psychological evaluation first I was an addict I used because of pain from sexual abuse as a child from my father treatment did not work because my addiction was more then just fixed with treatment. If your here illegally no assistance what so ever i see it everywhere free living arrangement come to the USA we give you everything and you don’t have to be a citizen

  • Jody little

    Ok here we go I’m one of those felons with drug charges my debt is paid learned my lesson so now you want to punish me again no food is harsh don’t you think?