Draining the Swamp: Comey Has Been FIRED 2

The lying Democrats even lie to themselves. Their stupidity really makes me sick.

They were calling to fire James Comey when he said what he did before the 2016 election about Hillary Clinton.

Now, the idiot, Chuck Schumer is so sad that Comey was fired. This man is the Senate Minority Leader and he’s nothing but a blithering fool.

Well, the reality is, Hillary should have been indicted. We all know that.

Why else would the American people have been chanting, “Lock her up?”

Schumer actually had a phone conversation with President Trump and said Trump was “making a big mistake.”


He even asked whether investigations into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia were “getting too close for the president.”

Russia had nothing to do with the Trump Campaign. The Democrats should just GET OVER IT.

I’m happy Comey is gone. President Trump is ‘draining the swamp’.

Oh, it may take time, but I hope he fires anyone who was working under Obama.

The swamp must be drained and it runs deep into murky filthy mud.

Firing Comey came at a perfect time. Judges are deciding the fate of President Trump’s travel order. The New Healthcare Bill is in the Senate ready to be tweaked and voted on.

Let the stupidity of the Democrats wail on. They are finished, through, useless and they cannot recover.

You can take that to the bank.

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