WARNING: Graphic Video Available of Russian Beheaded by ISIS 6

A gruesome new video has popped up on the Internet showing a Russian officer, Yevgeny Petrenko aged 36, being beheaded by a Jihadi killer. Killers are no longer masked. They show their faces. Are they showing that they have no fear of being seen?

There is an unidentified man who murders by BEHEADING Petrenko and speaks Russian. He may be one of thousands of fighters from the former Soviet Union who’ve gone to join ISIS.

The terrorist threatens Putin (the leader of Russia) along with the entire Russian population, “You will not find peace in your homes.”

Could we have some common ground with Russia? The mainstream media is busy posting that the election was tampered with by Russians. Maybe they should get their heads out of the ground and stop their own propaganda?

Russia has been attacked inside its borders by Islamic terror carried out by groups from the mostly Muslim caucus regions.

Recently, 15 people were killed when militants detonated a bomb on a St. Petersburg subway train on April 3.

Russia is also involved in the Syrian civil war from approximately September 2015.

The Russians stepped in to help government leader Bashar Assad.

WARNING: Extremely violent content begins at the 7:10 mark of the film.


ISIS must be stopped. We are not safe from these animals anywhere.

President Trump has the right idea. We need his ideas to be implemented. The ‘left’ must stop protecting Islamic terrorists.

The media tries to shelter Americans from news like this. You won’t see this on fake news; I include the alphabet channels and the Communist News Network.

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6 thoughts on “WARNING: Graphic Video Available of Russian Beheaded by ISIS

  • Don

    These filthy, disgusting, barbaric, Vermin need to be EXTERMINATED from the human race…They need to be ELIMINATED from the planet by any means necessary!!! They are like a PLAGUE that needs to be ERADICATED from the Planet!!!


      Don, I have been saying that for years now but everyone thinks it will just go away. We must start NOW in getting these unhuman savages taken off of this earth! I believe our GOD is testing us to see if we can get this done. I am not baseing this on religious beliefs. These fuckheads need to be exactly what you said, ERADICATED from the human race!! WHO ELSE IS WITH US??

  • Marlene Glidden

    If these liberals and Rhinos would leave our Trump alone or he would tell them they are not going to ruin this country ,we would see what we have in common with Russia. No good reason we can’t be allies with them .It is so screwed up to be allies with Saudia Arbia and some of the other inbred idiots
    Come on Trump we know hillary defeated herself Russia had nothing to do with it .Putin has more sense than the ones doing all the finger pointing. I just am sure the people will stand with you..Get rid of these mussie terrorist and remember Syria did not kill their people .The deep state in that country are guilty