Bombastic Testimony by James Comey and Mike Rogers 8

There is much happening this week. We have the heads of the NSA and the FBI testifying at the House Intelligence Committee.

FOX News Twitter updates:


This testifying will go on all day and possibly all week. There are questions being asked that cannot be answered but are being pursued.  The attacks on President Trump are constant.

You have to believe that information is desired but official questioning, in the forms being used, is putting people’s integrity on the line. Sometimes a no comment is worse than an answer.

Oh why not just blame the Russians for everything and stop wasting time and money!




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8 thoughts on “Bombastic Testimony by James Comey and Mike Rogers

  • Uncle Sam

    Comey is a lying ass clown who should be terminated. He said the FBI never take positions or makes advice and yet he said this about Hillary, “As a result, although the Department of Justice makes final decisions on matters like this, we are expressing to Justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case.”

  • Kathy C Wheeler

    You can’t comment or you won’t comment!
    You can SCREAM I can’t a decillon times but, the only thing and or person that can possibly help you is Trey Gowdy and if you don’t reach out to him than your every bit as STUPID as the rest of them.

  • David Etchells

    Just which “facts” are they going to follow??? The liberals’ made up facts or the actual facts the seem to keep on proving President Trump and his admin are truth tellers? Why at this stage would anyone choose to believe the liberals after the vast numbers of lies they have foisted off on America over so many years? “If you like your Dr and medical plan you can keep your Dr. and medical plan!” WOW WHAT A DOOZY THAT ONE WAS!!!! Or how about, “The Secretary of State’s office has ‘lost’ six (6) billion dollars.”