Another Sunday is upon us. It is that time of the week when the media grills our politicians on the state of our body politic. It will of course be done with a leftward slant. Don’t ever think for a second that the media can show any shred of objectivity. That is utterly impossible. We all know that they can’t. There is lots of things for the highbrow pundits to talk about. It will without a doubt turn into Trump bashing. Will they ever let up on this?? Of course not. In it they revel. Oh how they give our DON such a tongue lashing.

We are subjected daily to an assault on this Administration. The legitimacy of Trump’s Presidency they question. They see Donald Trump as a divisive political figure who has entered office with low approval ratings and respond to his every move with much aggression. Now his limits to what he can achieve without Congress is becoming abundantly clear. It is the GOP who is giving him more trouble than the Democrats or so it does appear.

After years of promising to repeal and replace Obamacare the healthcare bill proposed by Ryan presents the first major test of our President to marshal a fracturing GOP caucus behind this legislative initiative. This RYANCARE bill has been denounced by many a conservative. Add to this the fact that Trump’s budget has been called “draconian, careless and counterproductive” and you can see that things will get a tad tougher for he needs unity in this Republican Party.

As I have said in previous posts it is not the Democrats who will be the sole roadblock to his AMERICA FIRST agenda but the turncoats within his own party. It’s the usual cast of characters that will impede him. Today the media will undoubtedly parade them on their shows. What a menagerie of backstabbers to choose from and mostly from the Senate. McCain, Graham, Flake, Snow, Murchowski. Each a perfect foil and dupe for the media to cause angst for our DON’S Presidency.




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