250 Skulls Found in Mexico

The top prosecutor in Mexico’s Gulf coast state of Veracruz says more than 250 skulls have been found. The skulls were uncovered in what appears to be a drug cartel mass burial ground on the outskirts of the city of Veracruz.

The skulls and other bones were found in a wooded area known as Colinas de Santa Fe where activists have been exploring since mid-2016, sinking rods into the ground and withdrawing them to detect the telltale odor of human decomposition. When they find what they believe are burial pits, they alert authorities, who carry out the final excavations.

Excavations have covered only a third of the lot where the skulls were found. Many more people may be buried there.

Now, drug gangs in some places in Mexico have taken to burning or dissolving their victims’ bodies in corrosive matter in order to avoid discovery.

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