Was America Supporting ISIS?

Here is a video with Gabbard on Tucker Carlson’s show explaining the facts presented to her.

Tulsi Gabbard, the Democratic Representative from Hawaii, took a trip to Syria to speak to the Syrian people about what they thought could help them.

During her visit, she had the unexpected opportunity to personally speak with Bashar al-Assad. She said, “If we profess to care for the Syrian people, if we want to end the suffering for them, we have to be willing to meet with whomever we need to in order to accomplish that.”

She then added, “That is exactly what my legislation does. The Stop Arming Terrorists bill makes it so that we are no longer fueling and providing support to militias and groups who are working directly with Al Qaeda in Syria to try to overthrow this government.”

Gabbard had spoken to the Syrian people who asked for the U.S. to stop arming anti-Syrian government rebels.

So that would mean under the Obama administration the U.S. was funding ISIS? What a surprise!

I guess our money can start to go against terrorism now that  President Trump is in office.

This election could not have come fast enough. It seems we have been in bed with the most brutal enemy on the face of the earth during the administration of our former president.


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