Wow…More Trump Executive Orders

More executive orders were signed Wednesday implementing immigration enforcement measures  by authorizing the construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall and targeting sanctuary cities.

President Trump is doing what he has promised.

Trump said, “We’ve been talking about this from the beginning.”

While it’s not yet clear exactly how the wall might be funded or how much it would cost, Trump restated that Mexico “absolutely” will pay for the venture eventually.

Besides this, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said existing Homeland Security funding could be utilized right now to get started. Congressional appropriations will eventually be needed.

This executive order also includes requirements to provide the DHS with more resources to battle illegal immigration. The Trump team calls this stop on ‘catch-and-release’ procedures.

There is another order aimed at helping federal immigration agents crack down on illegal immigration. It directs the State Department to guarantee illegal immigrant criminals are taken back by their country of origin and moving to band federal grant money to sanctuary states and cities that are a haven for illegal immigrants.

Trump is making many moves very quickly and plans to address U.S. refugee and other visa policies.

Here is where ‘extreme vetting’ for certain visa applicants comes into play.

Trump made promises along his campaign trail and it looks to me that President Trump is a man of his word.

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