Get Used to it…Your New President is Working Quickly 4

After only four days in office, President Trump has tackled a lot of business and made a few people upset.

There are protestors chanting in Washington about the pipeline now. Trump knows that terms must be renegotiated but he has intentions of moving forward.

I, personally, think that people need jobs. Surly the protestors who stand outside in the cold and who must somehow pay for accommodations, have the time and money to be able to do this.

If people would stop worrying and protesting every move the president makes, they may be able to find work under his administration.

President Trump will never stop working to make Americans employed again so the people protesting are wasting a lot of time.





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Daveda Gruber

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I am the owner of http://publishingwithpassion and as well as, author of seventeen books. I am a professional graphic art designer and I produce professional video productions. I've been writing political articles on many different sites for a few years.

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4 thoughts on “Get Used to it…Your New President is Working Quickly

  • Frank Matarrese

    After eight years of Obama, America’s brains have deteriorated to the point of political atrophy from weathering constant Progressive pograms and an enimic economic recovery. We have forgotten what successful and effective looks like. Godspeed, we’ll catch up eventually, just do what you do and amaze us. As an expat Chicagoan I get calls back home from politicos who asked what does he mean by federal assistance, Marshall Law, National Guard? They could use resources to combat gang shooting that include video traffic camera video, facial recognition apps, data bases, cell phone triangulation of an areas witnesses, Iraq style sniper technology to pinpoint and locate gun sounds. It may sound like Britian’s GCHQ spy agency but it may work.