A Cruise for the Silent Majority 2

Kelly Dennis talks to many people, as she lives in a public tourist area, on the East Coast of the United States.

Kelly is the creator of a Facebook group entitled ‘Women Scouts for Trump’. A year ago, she lost her Facebook account of ten years due to her support of Trump. She had never used Facebook on a computer but bought a cell phone and learned to press buttons and continue to administer her group, learning as she went along. She had a drive and determination that would not quit. She knew there was a ‘silent majority’ out there and she was going to be in touch with them.

Dennis had been ‘hands on’ with people around her and knew that The Trump Movement was real. She had even met Trump and he signed her hat when it was time to change America.

Kelly now looks forward to a cruise that was available for Trump Coalition members of which she was one of. She booked her reservation before the election. She knew in her heart Donald Trump would win.

She now looks forward to being together with like-minded people and getting to be together on a cruise that will commemorate the winning of the election. She will be going on a cruise with others and they are all happy. President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are now officially in office. What a beautiful thing to celebrate!



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