VIDEO: White House Briefing – More of a Warning 4

The press has a way of twisting truth. Sean Spicer managed to tell them in a White House press briefing. He gave the press a ‘lecture’ on what they should and should not be covering and what was real news.

The press asked to ask questions and Spicer said no and walked out. I believe that journalists will get more of an education from the Trump Administration than they have in the past.

The meat of the briefing is in the video below.

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Everyone needs a pair!


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4 thoughts on “VIDEO: White House Briefing – More of a Warning

  • Cecelia Blatt

    They are biases they speak about the woman march, tell us who issued, permits, 339,when ,were, they issued, tell the whole truth, Than if you can do that I will believe in news Media again. Not the repeat news for months and only division of our land.

  • David Kirby

    All for repotting the truth. But I’m with press secretary with giving them a good lashing. Report the Truth. or revoke their press pass.
    One more thing. Keep your mouths off the kids!!