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As I watched the inauguration from morning until late into the night, a feeling of exhilaration ran through me. America had a new president and vice president.

Vice President Mike Pence and then President Donald Trump were sworn into office. We now, officially, have our 45th President of the United States in the White House.

Watching from my home in Pennsylvania, there it was, Pennsylvania Avenue in all her glory.

I, beyond a doubt, felt like I was a proud American. Crying happy tears, as some parts of the day overcame me, a new era began.

Later, during the night, tears flowed as I saw my new president dance with my first lady. Yes, it was my day, just as much as it was every proud American’s day.

I wanted to share some very blissful moments with you. If you are a Republican or a Democrat or some third party supporter, know that you are living in a new period of American history. Enjoy the feeling!



Daveda Gruber


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I am the owner of http://publishingwithpassion and as well as, author of seventeen books. I am a professional graphic art designer and I produce professional video productions. I've been writing political articles on many different sites for a few years.

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