Inauguration…What If? 4

Celebrations for the inauguration are starting on Thursday and on Friday there will be a new President of The United States.

Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as our new president and Mike Pence as our new vice president.

What if Hillary Clinton had actually won the election? How would good Americans be feeling as they were getting ready to put her into the highest office in the land?

The Clinton Foundation is still under investigation. We can surmise that Hillary Clinton did use her position as Secretary of state to gain donations to the foundation. That in itself is a grave criminal offense.

Donations to the Clinton Foundation by foreign governments while Hillary was holding the position of Secretary of State has even violated an ethics agreement it had with the Obama administration.

There are still questions to be answered concerning the foundation but no investigation timeline has been set.

We can dig further and see how HAITINAN-TRUTH.ORG has felt about donations made that were supposed to help the Haitian people after the 2010 earthquake. They still demand their money from the Clinton Family Foundation.

We still have not received answers on allegations that surfaced from Anthony Weiner’s computer. Huma Abedin’s negligence left documentation that Anthony Weiner could not bear to delete.

This story shows the perversions that both Bill and Hillary participated in, along with Anthony Weiner in connection with Jeffery Epstein, a convicted child molester.

What if the deleted emails on the Clinton ‘private server’ were affiliated with criminal activities? Why were phones and other devices smashed with a hammer? The mainstream media doesn’t tell the American people.

There are too many unanswered questions about Hillary Clinton for just one article but what if it was her who was being inaugurated on January 20th? Would we have demonstrators wanting to know the level of corruption? I guess we will never know. Aren’t we lucky to have Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of our country? I believe we are indeed fortunate.


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