The New AirForce One . . Wow !!

With the expiration of Obama’s presidency, his contract about Air Force One was also up, and while that was solely on timing, President Trump used this chance to step in […]

Changing Times – A New Era Part Two 2

As the President’s first 100 days comes to a close we see he has upheld campaign promises and is relentlessly working to uphold them. Sadly the bias liberal media, democrats […]

Changing Times – A New Era Begins 2

As the president works relentlessly on following through with campaign promises, the left do all they can to deter progress.  The ‘alphabet’ news channels continue their all out bias attacks with many stories […]

President Donald Trump

A message from President Trump

America is a nation of builders: we dug the Panama Canal, put a man on the moon, and connected our cities with majestic railroads and curving highways. We are the […]

Tell us President // What do you need ?

IF you’re like me you are definitely screaming what can we do to get our government in shape and do what we want done. I.E. repeal Obamacare and build a […]

Is the media fair to President Trump ””

President Trump, who this week boasted at a Wisconsin tool factory that “no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days,” said in a Friday morning tweet that he’s […]