Starting A New Series: CA 2018 Candidates

This ‘article’ is a little ‘note’ to my readers, as I know it’s been quite a while since I last published an article on August 31st. While I’m still in […]

‘Mad Pooper’ Jogger Sought by Police

Just when I thought I’d heard just about every crazy story out there, this comes up. The Colorado Springs Police Department are now searching for a woman jogger who ‘poops’ […]

Florida Nursing Home Reports 6 Dead

Due to extreme heat and loss of power after Hurricane Irma hit, six people are dead at a nursing home in Hollywood, Florida. Now, more than one hundred people were […]

A Video: 9/11 Remembered

While others remember today, I remember too. I was a big part of this beautiful book that is displayed in the video that I created many years ago. I wrote […]

Eric Bolling Son Dead Suddenly at Age 19 2

Eric Bolling, who was a wonderful co-host on ‘The Five’ and then ‘FOX News Specialists’. The FOX network recently, in fact hours before Bolling faced losing his son, let him […]