The Real Russian Story: Look at Clinton

By Daveda Gruber: Are you ready for the real Russian story? On Thursday President Trump accused the ‘Fake Media’ of ignoring new details about the 2010 approval of a controversial […]

Learning Corruption 101

By Joe Gerritzen: Wanna talk corruption? Hillary Clinton sets up a personal email server while at the state department. When it was made public, she destroyed evidence, in the form […]

Hillary Defends NFL then Get this News

By Joe Gerritzen: Hillary Clinton is defending football players that take a knee during the National Anthem. A former PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE is defending people that take a knee during the […]

Judge Napolitano: Reopen the Clinton Email Probe

By Daveda Gruber: Anthony Weiner’s personal laptop had 2,800 government documents that were found by the FBI. They were related to his estranged wife, Huma Abedin’s work as Hillary Clinton’s […]